2 quixx repair system high performance scratch remover

2 quixx repair system high performance scratch remover

  quixx scratch remover is a unique repair system that through a german engineered process called plastic deformation, effectively removes scratches from all paint finishes quickly and safely.

2) simple, fast, and effective application in two steps enhanced efficacy through plastic deformation technology (pdt) professional quality results avoids expensive repairs and maintains value the all-inclusive kit contains everything you need for making repairs.

With quixxs do-it-yourself scratch remover you can effectively and economically repair damaged paintwork yourself. The easily understandable instruction manual and video guide developed by repair professionals explain every step in the repair process, enabling even inexperienced repairers to achieve professional results on all paint surfaces, even metallic, whether in white, black, silver or other colours.

1 in multiple leading consumer magazines, the quixx high performance paint scratch remover consists of a simple two-step repair system designed specifically to permanently remove scratches from your vehicles painted surface.

  removing car scratches with quixx scratch remover - youtube.

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2 quixx repair system high performance scratch remover

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