Gravity falls decoded messages

Gravity falls decoded messages

  okay, so for a while ive been decoding all of the messages from gravity falls and here they are.

They use caesar ciphers, atbash ciphers, the a1z26 cipher, and keyed vigenère ciphers. Episodes 1 - 6 use the caesar cipher, episodes 7 - 13 use the atbash cipher, episodes 14 - 19 use the a1z26.

Step 1 in every episode of gravity falls, towards the end where the credits are, you have to look carefully to see random letters. But they arent just random letters, this is call decoding. Step 2 when they introduce the characters dipper, mable, ect.

  but, one of the repeat mysteries of gravity falls is its numerous cryptograms, which are coded messages that require a special key to decipher. There are almost too many cryptograms to count that appear at different points in various episodes, but a staple of gravity falls is the new cryptogram featured during the credits of each episode.

Decoded with the caesar cipher is next week return to butt island. Gravity falls caesar cipher s1e2 the legend of the gobblewonker. Decoded with the caesar cipher is welcome to gravity falls.

If you are a fan of the show gravity falls and you want to decode all of their secrets then this is the page for you. I will list all of the codes gravity falls uses and where they use them. Here is a website that might help you themysteryofgravityfalls.

  journal 3 decoded! Journal number 3 from the hit tv show gravity falls, created by alex hirsch, was released on july 26th of 2016. Fords journal is packed with every page ever seen in the show, plus many others, but it is also packed with something else codes.

Gravity falls final decoded message on legend of the gnome gemulets for my 3ds xl. I have looked forever on the web for decoders to decode a final message you unlock once you give all the missing items to every citizen.

  the gravity falls wikipedia points out another good way to look at this cipher, stating another way to think of vigenère ciphers is that each letter of the key corresponds to a caesar shift number (a0, b1, c2, etc. ) and for each letter of the message you form a caesar shift based on the corresponding key letter.

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Gravity falls decoded messages

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