Max lin natwest

Max lin natwest

Max holds an mba with honours in economics and analytic finance from the university of chicago. He is also a graduate of ucla, where he received msc and bsc degrees in materials engineering, summa cum laude.

The maximum limit you can set for payments via online banking, the mobile app and open banking per working day is personal customers - 20,000.

Natwest group is the largest business and commercial bank in the uk, with a leading retail business. We are the biggest supporter of the business sector banking around 1 in 4 businesses across the uk and ireland, from start-ups to multi-nationals.

This limit applies for a person across their joint and sole accounts. Please note the maximum daily sum is per working day, therefore payments made on a saturday, sunday or bank holiday will form part of the allowance for the next working day.

Our extensive personal banking products include bank accounts, mortgages, credit cards, loans and more.

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Max lin natwest

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