Max overwatch fov

Max overwatch fov

  he talks about the default fov that is used by most console games, the original fov in overwatch, and their final decision to increase it to 103 (on pc).

Using an aspect ratio of 219 (ultrawide) will cut off roughly 30 of your field of view as opposed to giving you a wider fov, which is what you would expect from an ultrawide monitor. Having vsync enabled will increase your input lag, which is the last thing you want in competitive fps gaming.

Subscribe for more overwatch contentin this video, i show you how to change your fov in overwatch and the differences between this.

Reflex, sadly i dont remember max, but default was 105, but 43 base, which is 120. And probably best, comparing both have a lot of similarities in gameplay - paladins.

  overwatch has near 60 million players? Plus its a first person fov use is 90 to 103.

Csgo can be played with 106 hfov (at 169) and this game is slow af. Meanwhile in ow you play genji or tracer (who need high fov) alongside hanzo, soldier and mccree (who might want a little lower fov), but are forced to go with 103 hfov max. Overwatch successfully trolled its userbase after players asked for an fov slider they delivered.

  several big investors have joined the scene to build the best teams possible.

  plus i know it says 103 in the menu, but i feel like its actually just 90-95 degrees. Normally anything above 90 makes a slight curve around the edges, like a fish-eye effect of sorts. About the highest fov i have seen in ow is with fov maxed out, and using reinhardts shield.

In the past you could increase it to 400 by changing the frameratecap value inside the settingsv0. Ini file (documents overwatch settings), but blizzard limited any manual action on the overwatch settings, so this option (and many more) has been disabled.

This is a feature within windows 10, that is completely focused on providing performance in games. The hardware works at max speeds and delivers the best performance.

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Max overwatch fov

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