Merignac airport parking

Merignac airport parking

Drop-and-go, short stop, medium or long term parking all car parks are open according to scheduled flights (arrivals and departures).

The first 20 minutes of parking in the express stop area is for free, while 21 to 30 minutes is charged at 2.

P express is right by bordeaux airports terminals and is perfect if you want to quickly drop off or pick up a passenger. 207 spaces, including 5 for passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility.

Secure parking 8min from bordeaux-mérignac airport open 7 days a week from 500 a. Shuttles and public transport take a personal protective mask.

Parking p4 is open from the first to the last flight (arrivals and departures) the p4 shuttle is free and runs daily from the first to the last flight, every 20 minutes on average or on demand. P4 is the ideal car park for longer stays or when youre heading off on holiday.

Bordeauxmérignac airport is the only international airport that serves bordeaux, a port city in south-western france.

The blue valet parking service can be booked online or using the mobile app, available on ios and android. On your departure date, go straight to bordeaux airports express car park to hand over your keys. When you return, contact your valet once you have picked up your luggage.

The ibis bordeaux aéroport hotel car park is located 7 minutes by public bus from bordeaux-mérignac airport. The car park is secure and accessible 7 days a week from 700 am to 900 pm for onepark customers. The parking is provided by our partner the ibis bordeaux aéroport hotel.

The air transport association (iata) code for bordeaux mérignac airport is bod. Bordeaux mérignac airport is also identified as mérignac we have provided the gps location for bordeaux mérignac airport which are as follows 44. 71528 to help either your arrival directions to mérignac or perhaps give you directions from mérignac airport to your chosen destination.

Check the various safety measures that the provider has taken, so you can see for yourself that your car is parked safely and reliably. All the car parks of our parking providers are guarded, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Parking eindhoven airport at a good price, with reliable providers.

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Merignac airport parking

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Merignac airport parking

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