Minergate app store

Minergate app store

Our mobile app for android is back on google play store for you to be able to check your minergate profile and mining dashboard.

The mobile solution for monitoring your mining activities on the minergate.

In-app chat is also separated on 5 language-based rooms, so you can conversate on your preferred language affiliate program now you can send an invitation to join the minergate directly from the mobile app.

  the minergate mobile app was removed from google play on august 29 due to changes in the google play store developer policy. The updated policy restricts applications for mining on smartphones from being posted on googles services. The minergate team designed the application to make your mining experience as convenient as possible.

Download and check out our latest version of the minergate control app. Discover all the advantages of minergate with this remote monitoring & control app. Due to the google play development policies, the mobile mining feature is excluded in this and all further versions.

  free minergate app download software at updatestar - minergate is an effective tool that helps you mine cryptocurrencies of various types. Its main purpose is to help you automatically mine virtual coins with the highest exchange rate and obtain the most profit from your computing power.

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Minergate app store

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