Mt4 strategy tester variable spread

Mt4 strategy tester variable spread

  i want to ask whether is it possible that we could use the tick data recorded, with variable spread and volume in mt4 strategy tester? If its possible 1. I need to convert the data saved in csv to fxt file to be able to load in strategy tester, right?

On default, to model ask prices, the strategy tester uses the current spread of a symbol at the beginning of testing. However a user can set a custom spread for testing in the spread field.

Mt4 strategy tester is set to use tick data and variable spread during backtest to configure tick data suite 2 and choose how you want backtest to be performed you need to open tds2 settings window by clicking the tick data settings button.

  those versions tester has a recalculate checkbox that allows to prevent binary data file regeneration and keep our spread intact. The older builds might not work with your broker (old version error in connection window). Therefore, to begin testing our trading system with variable spread we need older terminal.

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Mt4 strategy tester variable spread

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