Openledger dex exchange

Openledger dex exchange

Openledger dex trade volume and market listings cryptos 9,662 exchanges 376 market cap 2,473,465,445,542 24h vol 246,610,449,595 dominance btc 44.

  openledger is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (or dex) based on the bitshares network. Openledger offers a custom blockchain-based service, which is highly popular with traders.

The below is a picture of the trading view at openledger dex openledger dex fees openledger dex trading fees. This trading platform doesnt charge different fees between takers and makers. Their fee model is instead something called a flat fee model. This fee is slightly below the industry average (arguably around 0.).

  openledger dex exchange statistics trading market pairs 114 24h volume 0 usd.

Openledger dex is a decentralized trading platform built on the scalable, versatile and secure bitshares blockchain.

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Openledger dex exchange

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Openledger dex exchange

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