Sven henrich bio

Sven henrich bio

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  sven henrich is founder and the lead market strategist for northmantrader and a highly respected technical analyst and commentator about markets & the macro economic environment and is a frequent contributor to cnbc, cnn business and to marketwatch. He is well known for his diligent technical, directional and macro analysis of global equity markets.

Sven is the lead market strategist for northmantrader and a highly respected technical analyst and commentator about markets & the macro economic environment and is a frequent contributor to cnbc, cnn business and to marketwatch.

  sven henrich they are in the confidence game, because of exactly what i mentioned beforethe inner links between economy and markets and confidence. If jay powell went out and said theres going to be a recession, we think theres going to be a recession by december, that would have consequences.

Com sven henrich is founder and lead market strategist at northmantrader.

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Sven henrich bio

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