Upack relocube interior dimensions

Upack relocube interior dimensions

If youre interested in using relocube containers for a move, you might be wondering how much you can realistically expect to fit in each container. Each cube tm can hold a maximum of 2,500 pounds of household goods, and most types of furniture will fit inside without a problem.

  the relocube is similar in size to a 7-foot pods container. You can reserve one or as many as you think youll need and pay for only what you use. 6 x 7 x 8 (lwh) holds 1 room of furniture and boxes 2,500 lbs. Weight limit learn more about cube size and what will fit inside.

U-pack moving trailers have external dimensions of 28 x 8 x 9 (lwh) and internal dimensions of 324 in. It also stands 48 inches off the ground, so it comes with a ramp to make loading easier.

  relocubes are 63 x 7 x 84, or right around 305 cubic feet, which is usually enough space to move everything from one large room.

Our largest and most popular container the 16-foot unit is large enough to store up to 3 or 4 rooms of household goods. With internal dimensions of 59x 69 x 79, a relocube is too small to transport multiple large furniture pieces.

  internal dimensions 510x61x79 27x8x9 cubic footage 305 cf 1,800 cf container material metal metal weight limit 2,500 lbs 22,000 lbs.

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Upack relocube interior dimensions

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