Virgin atlantic asian vegetarian meal menu

Virgin atlantic asian vegetarian meal menu

This is a religious dietary meal with a spicy influence that is free of beef, veal, pork and derived products. This meal may contain lamb, goat, poultry, fish, egg and dairy products. Customers requiring a vegetarian hindu meal should request an asian vegetarian meal.

  the avml asian vegetarian meal is a vegetarian meal that normally includes spices and flavours from india. It will usually contain vegetables, fresh fruit, dried fruits, legumes, dairy products, tofu, cereal, grains and vegetarian gelatine.

  there will be vegetarian items on the freedom menu in upper class, and you are unlikely to find any pork or beef on any vs flights to india. If you order a spml it will likely be a standard y meal plated up so id go for the food onboard personally. There will be fresh fruit and bread and cheese on offer in addition to the main meal.

  virgin atlantic () - lacto vegetarian, vegan, jain meal (strict vegan meal with no root vegetables), asian vegetarian meal (spicy). Note vegan meals vegetable spread containing non-dairy creamer is not vegan as reported to happycow.

  i cant remember what the vegetarian option was on the menu because the meal i was given was not the same. I had a butterbean stew with spinach dumplings, potato and broccoli. For plane food it was pretty nice although the butterbean stew itself was too spicy.

Pieces of buffalo mozzarella and ripe tomatoes with olive oil, balsamic dressing and sweet pepper berries. Tender chicken, served street food style with a deliciously rich cashew nut dipping sauce with fresh chilli, coriander and lime.

Before dinner, your choice of drink, including our speciality cocktail.

  virgin atlantic, (and other airlines as well) seem to think that vegetarians are people who dont like to eat cake. Usually there is a veggie option at the time they are handing out the standard meals anyway. When i went to cuba last year, this option was better than the pre-booked veggie meals.

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Virgin atlantic asian vegetarian meal menu

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