Wall street exchange dubai salary

Wall street exchange dubai salary

5 salaries for 5 jobs at wall street exchange centre in dubai, united arab emirates area. Salaries posted anonymously by wall street exchange centre employees in dubai, united arab emirates area.

Wages protection system (wps) is an electronic salary transfer system that allows wall street to pay workers wages which is approved and authorized by the ministry of labour. The system, developed by the central bank of the uae, allows the ministry to create a database that records wage payments in the private sector to guarantee the timely.

Welcome to wall street common login gateway interface please click the below link to login. Wall street exchange users use as400 user id for login wage protection system use the user id provided by wall street exchange for login 2012 wall street exchange.

Dedicated, highly experienced teams who have been handling salary disbursement in various locations like labour camps, construction sites all over uae - for years. Now our highly developed system complies with all the wps norms, making us your ideal strategic partner.

Interested in pursuing a career in one of the most progressive financial institutions in the uae? A place where we value trust? If yes, you are welcome to join us. You can search for latest job openings through our new career portal and apply.

Now track your transaction with complete trust - from the comfort of your computer. Just key in your transaction number and get the status instantly.

Rolla street store rolla street, next to citimart supermarket, near choitram supermarket,.

Salary 25,130 aedmonth (including housing) medical insurance. External applicants must have the existing legal right to work in uae.

These currency rates are indicative and for information purposes only. For more information please call our customer help line 04-226 9871 or visit our nearest branch.

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Wall street exchange dubai salary

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Wall street exchange dubai salary

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