What is haircut in sharekhan

What is haircut in sharekhan

  hi, ive bought 100 stocks in sharekhan abt 2 months back and today when i loggedi n to sell them, i see this dp haircut and the value is 13930 before haircut and 6965 after it. I bought the shares at 10900 rs and want to make some profit on the same.

Haircut - the percentage by which the market value of your shares is reduced for the purpose of calculating capital requirement, margin and collateral levels by your broker. If the market value of your shares is 5000 rs and the haircut is 50 then you have a margin of 2500 rs available for trading which can be.

  a haircut in stocks is the difference between the market value of the stocks collateral and the margin that the lender (stock broker like angel broking or sharekhan) gives to you in order to trade in stock market.

  hair cut in simple trading terms is that you have certain amount of shares in your demat account say reliance industries qty 10 x 900 9000- is the value. The broker will finalize that he can give 90 of the value to trading pledging the shares as a gaurantee.

Appropriate haircut based on risk management policy of sharekhan. Client would be liable for penalty for shortfall in payment margin from time to time within the ambit of regulations. Ageing debit square off as per sebi guidelines, clients account cannot be funded by broker.

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What is haircut in sharekhan

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